Monday, March 5, 2007


Habibi - my dear (from the Arabic)

Hachlata – a resolution, usually made in regards to some form of observance

Hachnassat Kallah - dowering the bride, an important mitzvah

Hachnassat Orchim - entertaining guests in your home, an important mitzvah

Haftorah - the Chanting of passages from the books of prophets, after the Shabbos Torah reading. (nothing to do with half a Torah)

Halacha- Jewish Law

Halachically - according to Jewish Law

Hashem – Literally means, “the Name”, an alternate name for G-d in Hebrew

Hashkofa – the stream of orthodoxy one follows, alt. philosophy

Hatzlacha - success

Havdalah - the ritual that ends the Sabbath and ushers in a new week

Heter - Allowance. EG a heter to use birth control pills granted by a rabbi

Hilchot bein adam lamakom - laws governing people's obligations to Gd

Hilchot bein adam lechavero - laws governing how people treat each other

Hot Chanie- a young (mid 20s to early 30s) Orthodox Jewish woman who "skirts" the laws of tzniut (modesty) by wearing tight clothing that barely covers elbows, collarbones, and knees. Hot Chanies often will not be seen in public unless wearing full make-up; a long, sleek sheitel (wig); and high heels. Also considered "The Plastics" of the frum (Orthodox) world. (Origin)

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