Monday, March 5, 2007


Yarmulke- Skullcap

Yartzheit- anniversary of someone's death. There are a number of Jewish customs regarding the obligations of descendants on the yartzheit.

Yekke - a Jew of German background

Yeshiva- A Jewish School. Also refers to a Jewish place of higher learning

Yetzer Harah - Evil inclination

Yetzer Hatov - Good inclination

Yiddin - Jews

Yiddishkeit- Judaism/Jewishness

Yinglish- A mix of English, Hebrew and Aramaic; often spoken by children who return from Yeshiva, to the horror of the parents

Yirat Shamayim - fear of heaven

Yisroel - a Jew who is neither a Cohen or a Levi (i.e., the majority of Jews)

Yontif- actually Yom Tov, good day, or holiday

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