Monday, March 5, 2007


Schar- reward

Schnorer- a beggar; a moocher; derogatory term for Meshulach

Sefira - the time period between the holidays Pesach and Shavuot

Segulah - Can have various meanings depending on context. Can mean, sign, symbol, treasure, portent. Can lead to something which is desired, e.g. drinking "segulah wine" can lead to becoming married.

Seuda - a festive meal

Sfard, Sephardic - referring to Jews of Spain and Northern Africa, also from Arab countries

Shabbos, Shabbat- the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday

Shabbos Kallah - a celebration of the bride on the Shabbos before her wedding

Shacharis- the morning prayer service

Shadchan – matchmaker, in modern Hebrew it means “stapler”

Shalom Bayis - peace in the home; harmony between a husband and wife

Shalosh seudos/Seudah shlishit - the third meal of Shabbat, often held communally at synagogue

Shamayim – heavens, literally and figuratively

Shavuot - holiday celebrating when the Torah was given to the Jews

Shayach - appropriate

Sheigetz - a non-Jewish man

Sheitel – wig, as worn by orthodox women

Sheilemus - Whole, complete

Shema – One of the fundamental prayers of Judaism, recited at least twice a day, and is contained inside a mezuzah.

Shemonah Esrei – One of the fundamental prayers of Judaism, recited once at each of the three daily prayer times, this is the silent devotion prayer.

Shemurah Matzah - hand made matzah, made from wheat "guarded" from the time of growing until the time of baking

Sheva Brochas (or Sheva Brachot) – The special seven blessings recited in the first week of a new marriage. Also the seven days of festive meals prepared in honor of bride and groom.

Shidduch, shidduchim – blind, pre-arranged dates for the orthodox world

Shiur - lesson or class

Shlep- v. to drag. n. someone who looks like he was dragged

Shliach, Shlichus – a messenger, generally used as a chabad term for lubavitchers doing outreach

Shliach Tzibur- one who leads the prayer service

Shlump- messy, sloppy, a slob

Shmoneh Esrei- part of the Jewish Prayer Service; the "18" blessings

Shmooze, Shmoozing- talk, chat casually

Shomer shabbos - observes the laws of shabbos

Shomer kashrus - keeps kosher

Shomer negia - does not touch a person of the opposite sex who is not a blood relative

Shpritz - spray

Shul- synagogue

Shvarim - broken, refers to matzha

Shvits- sweat, steambath

Shteeble- an informal prayer group in someone's house, may become more formal

Shtreimel- A big, round, furry hat, favored by Chassidim

Shtyging – learning full time

Siddur - prayer book

Siman - sign

Simchas- celebrations

Simchas Torah - rejoicing in the Torah; one of the High Holidays

sit shiva - mourn the loss of a close relative by staying at home for seven days

Siyyum - joyous celebration observed when a study group completes a tractate of the Talmud or when the writing of a Torah scroll is completed

Slichos - Selichot (Heb. סליחות) are Jewish penitential poems and prayers, especially those said in the period leading up to the High Holy Days, and on Fast Days

Sufganiot - traditional doughnuts eaten on Chanuka (single: sufgania)

Sukka- a temporary shack, with branches or bamboo roof, used on Sukkos

Sukkos- The holiday of Tabernacles

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