Monday, March 5, 2007


Maariv – the evening prayer service

Macher -- also Big Macher: Big Shot. Literally, a maker or doer. An important person.

Machmir – strict or stringent

Maikel – lax or permissive

Makpid – exacting when it comes to details, rules, regulations

Mamash – Yeshivish, means “REALLY” i.e. I mamash liked him

Mashiach – the Messiah

Mashpiim – a Mentor, or Rabbi, or someone to turn to for advice

Masmid – someone who learns full time

Mazel Tov- literally "good luck", or congratulations

Mechilah- forgiveness

Megilah - literally "story" or "telling"; usually refers to the story of Queen Esther and Mordechai

Mekabel – literally means to receive, but means also to accept something as fact

Menachem Avel - comforting a mourner, an important mitzvah

Mentch- a Man. Someone to be proud of.

Meshuga- Crazy. Also: Meshugas (me-shu-gahss)- craziness, insanity, and Meshuganer- a crazy person

Meshulach- an emissary, one sent to collect funds

Mevatel – self-nullification, lit. "wasting"

Mezuman- the 3 people needed to say a special blessing before saying grace after meals

Middos – personality traits

Mikvah- ritual bath

Mincha- afternoon prayer service

Minhag- custom, pl. minhagim

Minhag hagoyim - a non-Jewish custom

Minyan- literally, a quorum. The number of men (10) required for a formal prayer group. Also the name of the group itself.

Mir – a famous litvish yeshiva, now based in Israel

Mitzvah- Commandment (from G-d). pl. Mitzvot, Mitzvos

Mizbayach – the table in the holy ark in the temple

MO – Modern Orthodox, a stream of orthodoxy in which followers are equally involved in the secular and religious worlds

Morah - teacher

Moshiach Tzidkenu – The righteous messiah

Motsi Shabbos/Shabbat – Literally means "After Sabbath", refers to Saturday night after the Sabbath ends.

Mussaf- the extra prayer service after Shacharis, on Sabbath and Festivals

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