Monday, March 5, 2007


Abba- Aramaic for Father

Aderaba - Aramaic; on the contrary

Ad Mosai - Until when, this is an exclamation used generally when exasperated. Lubavitchers use this phrase when talking about Moshiach - Ad Mosai? How much longer do we have to wait for the coming of Moshiach?

Aidel – Yiddish, literally means refined

Aidel maidel – Yiddish, literally means refined girl (shameless plug for one of this blog's administrators)

Aliyah – Literally means “to go up”. Used when referring to when someone emigrates to Israel, or when someone is called up to read or say a blessing on the torah. Also when someone passes away, we say their neshama/soul goes “up” to shamayim/gan eden/heaven.

Amud - the podium from where the prayer service is led by the shliach tzibur. As in "davening from the amud". "Taking the amud" refers to the shliach tzibur going up to lead the service.

Ani Maamin – Literally means “I believe.” A shortened version of “Ani Maamin, be’emunah shalaima”

Apikores- heretic

Ashkenaz- referring to Jews from northern Europe

Aufruf - the Shabbat before a wedding, when a chatan is called for an aliyah and reads the haftarah

Assur - forbidden

Aveilus – the time period of mourning in which a mourner has obligations and restrictions on what they are permitted to do. The mourning period for someone who has lost a parent is one year. Restrictions include no listening to music, attending weddings or other happy occasions, and no new clothes.

Aveira - a forbidden act; a sin

Avoda – literally means “work” but it often means spiritual work, or what G-d wants us to accomplish down here.

Ayin hara - the evil eye


Halfnutcase said...

Mamash – Yeshivish, means “REALLY” i.e. I mamash liked him

I don't think this is correct. More correctly I think it means "literaly" as in meaning it in a very plain sense, without twisting the words.

However "really" works in many uses.

Generaly a word of emphasis.

Chutzpah, Chutzpahdik- disrespect, gall, overly confident.

when defining this term it is a mitzvah deoraisa to include the explananation "chutzpah is the quality of a man who steals his friend's cow in broad day whilst his friend watches, and then returns the next day inorder to sell it to him."

Or something to that effect, however, it must involve selling someone's own cow back to him.

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