Monday, March 5, 2007


Kabbalah- literally, "that which is passed down." Refers to the field of Jewish Mysticism. Also a really cool Jewish Rock Band.

Kabbalat Panim - the first part of a traditional Jewish wedding, when bride and groom greet and entertain their guests

Kallah - bride

Kaddish- special prayer, often said by those in mourning. Requires a quorum (minyan) of 10 men to recite.

Kashrut- the concept that food must be kosher (ok for Jews to eat)

Kavannah - sincerity and fervor while praying

Kavod - honor

Kedusha- the holiest part of the prayer service, where everyone must be silent and not move. Also means holiness

Kesher - an emotional connection between two people

Kiddush- sanctification of the meal over wine. Also refers to a nice spread after shul is over.

Kiddush Hashem- sanctification of the name of G-d. Opposite of chillul Hashem. Something that brings honor to the Jewish People.

Kinneret – the body of water in Israel

Kippah Sruga- crocheted skullcap

Kiruv- outreach

Klezmer – a type of jewish music emanating from eastern Europe. e.g. Andy Statman

kol b'seder - everything's cool; etymological origin of the term "copacetic"

Kol Isha- the voice of a woman (usually singing), which men are prohibited from listening to

Kollel- place where married men sit and learn Torah all day

Kotel - the Western Wall

K'tiva v'katima tova – You should be written and inscribed for good, a new year’s greeting

Kugel - noodle or potato casserole; can be sweet or savory

Kumzitz- singalong with story telling

Kvetch - (verb) to complain; (noun) a complaining person


Maya said...

"K'tiva v'katima tova"
Just caught a quick typo- it should be "v'khatima"/"v'hhatima"- the word is spelled with a khet, not a khaf, so it can never be a k sound.

Sorry I'm being a pedant.

Rachel Ruminates said...

What is "kriah"? I just read it on PT, and in context is sounds like some kind of reading, but I thought it referred to the tearing of clothes for a mourner. Thanks!

rebecca said...

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me and a dream. said...

Kesher. :) one of my favorite words.