Monday, March 5, 2007


Layn -- to chant the Torah or Haftorah in synagogue, using the trop (cantillations).

L'Chaim- "To Life" a traditional toast, also an engagement party (see vort)

L'illui Nishmas – It should be "a light" for the soul, this is a phrase meaning that when something is done in the merit of a deceased person's memory, their soul lights up or attains extra merit in shamayim.

Levi - member of a special group of Jews, who used to care for the Temple in Jerusalem

Litvish – A stream of orthodoxy, originating in Lithuanian, frequently followers of the Vilna Goan, aka the GRA

Londsman - compatriot; fellow Jew

Loshon - Language, lit. "tongue." e.g. Loshon Hakodesh, the Holy Language (Hebrew), Mama Loshon, Mother Tongue

Loshon Hora- badmouthing; gossip. No dancing involved

L'sameach chatan v'kallah - gladdening the bride and groom; an important mitzvah

Lulav- a palm branch, used in the service for Sukkos

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